About Me

Hello there.  My name is Heather.  I am a mom, a wife, an attorney* and a cancer survivor.  I have a husband who is a stoic (and a saint) and two crazy, energetic and funny boys who keep me on my toes.  I also have two cats who think they are humans.

I guess you could call me a semi-reluctant blogger.  I’ve always thought of blogging as something that others do and I read, but until very recently couldn’t fathom me actually blogging.  However, someone recently recommended to me that I start a blog and write about my thoughts, experiences and general life view.  All I could think is “why”?  This person turned it right back on me and said “Why not?”  That was actually more difficult to answer.  So, I decided to give it a whirl.

Before my cancer diagnosis, I always was a glass is half-full kind of girl.  I often found the silver lining or “life lesson” in just about everything.  I think I may have annoyed some people (ok, I know I annoyed some people).  Although I didn’t initially find the silver lining in being diagnosed with cancer, a silver lining presented itself to me over time.  Actually, several silver linings.  First, I found that the world is filled with amazing people willing to help others out when help is truly needed.  Honestly, it was remarkable – people from my kids’ school and my husband’s work were coming out of the woodwork to help us.  People I didn’t know at all.  Second, I learned to appreciate life (and realized that I had been rushing through life).  I was a bit surprised by that one.

Well, things are changing.  I’m learning to appreciate everything and truly LIVE life to its absolute fullest.  What does it mean to live life to its fullest?  I believe the answer is different for each person.  For me, I’ve discovered that it includes being thankful in everyday moments, appreciating those around you, focusing on the beauty in the world and enjoying being in the moment – no matter how my day is going (and trust me, they don’t always go fine and dandy).  This is a learning process for me that will be ever-continuing.  I’m sure I will add to my list over time.  Through it all, I will share with you some of my life stories, my thoughts, lessons learned and my ever-present view of life.  I’m just enjoying the ride that God has given to me.  My hope is that you learn to do so as well.

*please forgive me for being an attorney.  I promise that most of us are human too!